Smart. Funny. Kind of Insane.

Jordan Hayles is a comedic writer with an imaginary cat named Stanley.

Her latest book, Your Brand is Boring, helps you market & sell with personality and fun instead of resistance and hesitancy. It's an irreverent manifesto featuring 10 brands that market and sell better than you do that make the case of why tomfoolery in your brand is the new professional requirement.

It's for solo-preneurs, creatives and writers: people who need an honest, humorous business check-in to balance the stress of it all.  It helps you to pin point interesting problems that customers actually have and are willing to pay for and story ideas to help your idea spread.  If you're looking for ways to keep things fresh, check it out. It's available for order on Amazon (single or bulk) and is a perfect gift for conferences, book clubs or because you like to stay ahead of the Jones's, not just keep up with them. Even if you don't think you need the book, make sure your marketing strategies and sales calls agree with you.

Jordan has humorous philosophies on life and outspoken wit. She shares them weekly on this blog ( in Spanish and English) and daily on twitter (@joriehay). She co-hosts the Lunchtime Comedy Chats to give you a human break in your professional day. 

When she's not drinking 3 liters of water, and peeing all day accordingly; she works alongside a small collective of branding experts to help companies find their brand voice and brand personality. 

Favorite Book: 

  • Turning The Mind into an Ally

Gives a shit about:

  • Social Justice ( access to quality food, civil rights, mental health reform)
  • Coloring (because crayons & stress relief)
  • Dancing ( because. fabulosity)
  • Comedy

Does not give a shit about:

  • The crappy lyrics in mainstream rap that ruin perfectly magical beats
  • Celebrity Gossip

Creative Tool Box: 

  • UX Design & CX
  • Sales
  • Pitch Training
  • Training & Development
  • Language Learning 
  • Ideation 
  • Brand Storytelling


  • Brand Deck of Cards

Other Books: 

Jordan is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about her availability at