I knew, that if I made it out alive, the reclaim your energy talks might be the most important work this year.
— Jordan after an escalated encounter w/ Police

A lot has happened since we last met. Let's get updated and regroup and get reenergized about moving the dial forward on refreshing the creative energy at W+K. 

10 Availability for April

  • Tuesday
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  • Thursday

Let Stanley handle any scheduling issues

Meet Greg Stanley Grey: cat and operations manager at Jordan Hayles & Co. Stanley is a New York street cat on his 9th life. He's worked with all the greats: Leonardo Da Vinci, Harriet Tubman and many more. He keeps things running smoothly. You can email Stanley at stanley@jordanhaylesandco.com. He will respond within 24 hours and make sure that you are taken of. 

Move the dial forward on:

  • Protecting and reigniting W+K culture. Your most precious asset

  • Position W+K values in alignment with being a leader in a critical time around race.

  • Continuing to be cutting edge with refreshingly new prespectives on how to educate and reinsure teams in infusing activism into your brand