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Spanish for Busy Humans.

Learn to have a simple conversation in Spanih and feel adventurous... not ridiculous.

A long time ago I dreamt of being fluent in 7 languages.  Why 7?  Well, so I could practice one each day.  Life being life, I've only learned 2.75. The 2: English and Spanish.  The 0.75: an embarrassing assemblage of pieces of French, Hindi, Arabic, and Tamil. 

My mom loves the fact that I speak Spanish. Every time we talk she asks me, "Jordan, are you still practicing your Spanish?". It's one of the things she's most proud of about me: That I managed to learn a different language so well, that I'm often mistaken for a native speaker. 

You may be wondering how I did it. Well, the truth is that I had some good teachers in school,  but I ultimately had to put in some extra work... a LOT of extra work. I noticed that people could start understanding and reading but struggled to speak. This ranged from everyday students to first generation hispanic students who were embarrassed to say, "I understand Spanish but I can't speak it."

I developed a method called Spanish for Busy Humans to bridge this gap.  To help people go beyond vocab and grammar to speaking, flow, and personality in another language.  If you're interested in learning, I take on 3 private Spanish clients every year. That way I can tell my mom, "Yes, I'm practicing my Spanish and I'm teaching a few others to learn how to speak it too."

Wanna hear me speak a little Spanish? Here's a video of me walking downa random street in Oregon sounding like a 500lb man, because perhaps instead of learninga language I should be exercising.... but I digress.  Watch it and you'll know what I mean by "mistaken for a native speaker." 


Obviously there's more to talk about. I'd love to hear more about your goals and see how I can help. If when we talk, I've already enrolled the 3 people I work with each quarter, then I'll share some options for books and products you can buy.

Also, If you're ready to sign up but have questions, send me an email at so we can chat and sign up for monthly updates about language learning adventures.

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